Todor Polimenov

List of selected publications*




1. Truth and Meaning. Categories of the Logical Analysis of Language [in Bulgarian]. Sofia: Sofia University Press, 2018, 383 pp.

Review in: Philosophy. Bulgarian Journal of Philosophical Education Vol. 28 / No. 1 (2019): here

2. Substances, Universals, Propositions. Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language [in Bulgarian]. Sofia: Vulkan 4, 2013, 203 pp.


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  6. Frege’s Distinction between Sense and Reference [Frege’s articles German-Bulgarian, Bulgarian translation by T. Polimenov, the rest in Bulgarian]. Sofia: Phos, 2000 (=Journal of Contemporary Philosophy KHORA 1 (2000)), 124 pp.


  1. Frege G.: Logical Investigations. German-Bulgarian. Edited, translated into Bulgarian and annotated by T. Polimenov. With an appendix by W. Sauer: “Einleitung in Freges Logik” [in German]. Sofia: Phos, 2001 (KHORA 2 (2001) = supplement I), 194 pp.
  2. [In preparation:] Tugendhat, E. / Wolf, U.: Logico-semantic propaedeutics. Bulgarian translation by T. Polimenov. Sofia: Iztok-Zapad, about 260 pp.



Works in collections:

  1. Begriffe und Gegenstände in der Logik: Semantische und ontologische Unterscheidungen”, in: Demmerling, Ch. / Kienzler, W. / Rohr, T. (eds.): Frege: Aufsätze zur Logik und Sprachphilosophie. Klassiker Auslegen, vol. 76, ed. by O. Höffe. Berlin – Boston: de Gruyter, 2023, pp. 241–268.
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  8. “The Problem of Universals: a Systematic Reconstruction of the First Attempt at Solving It” [in Bulgarian], in: Georgiev, O. / Beshkova, A. (eds): The Idea of a Universal Grammar. Sofia: Sofia University Press, 2013, pp. 9–32. [= part of Ch. 2 of T. Polimenov: Substances, Universals, Propositions]
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Journal articles

  1. Frege’s Two-sided Conception of Existence (Part One)” [in Bulgarian, English absract here], in: eJrnl. NotaBene 49 (2020) [Ed. of the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; Special Issue: Philosophical Anniversaries: Guest editor: K. Lozev].

  2. The Concept of ‘Logical Space’ in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus” [in Bulgarian], in: eJrnl. NotaBene 37 (2017) [Ed. of the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; Special Issue: Analytic Philosophy: 145th Anniversary of Bertrand Russell's Birth. Guest editor: K. Lozev].

  3. Are ordinary languages illogical?” [in Bulgarian], in: eJrnl. NotaBene 33 (2016) [Ed. of the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; Special Issue: Topics in Analytic Philosophy. Guest editor: K. Lozev].
  4. Teile des Sinns und Teile der Bedeutung”, in: Wismarer Frege-Reihe 02 (2013), pp. 11–31.
  5. Wittgenstein on the ‘Logic’ of the Inner in His Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology” [in Bulgarian], in: Kritika i humanism vol. 31, no. 1 (2010), pp. 123–137.
  6. “Wittgenstein’s Principle of Bipolarity of Meaningful Propositions and the Question of Its Fregean Origin (Part Two)” [in Bulgarian], in: Filosofia 5/6 (2008), pp. 54–63.
  7. “Wittgenstein’s Principle of Bipolarity of Meaningful Propositions and the Question of Its Fregean Origin (Part One)” [in Bulgarian], in: Filosofia 3/4 (2008), pp. 64–71.
  8.  “The Proper Difference between Traditional and Modern Logic” [in Bulgarian], in: Filosofia 3 (2007), pp. 50–58.
  9. (with Beshkova, A. / Latinov, E.:) “Necessity: From a Logical Point of View”  [in Hungarian translation], in: Pro Philosophia Füzetek 44 (2005) [Veszprém, Hungary], pp. 145–165.
  10. Frege: Die Logik zwischen Denkanalyse und Sprachanalyse”, in: Topos 8 (2004) [Minsk, Belarus], pp. 110–114.


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  6. A Review of Khristo Todorov’s ‘Essays on the Philosophy of History’, Sofia: Sofia University Press, 1996”, in: Studies in East European Thought 53 (2001) [Dordrecht – Boston – London: Kluwer Academic Publishers], pp. 141–144.

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* The texts listed are originally published in Bulgarian, German, English or Hungarian. Most of them are, however, in Bulgarian. So, in favour of better understanding, the Bulgarian (and Hungarian) titles are translated in English (it is noted in square brackets if the text mentioned is in Bulgarian).