Europe-Mobile – Bringing Europe into schools

Europe-Mobile – Bringing Europe into schools


Another country each year // 20 students // 11 schools // more than 3000 pupils // 1 bus

"Europe-Mobile" aims to reach pupils and university students. 20 students from various countries of the European Union ride a bus – the “Europamobil” – to several secondary schools within a different region of Europe each year, offering pupils workshops on European issues.

"Europe-Mobile" is organised by the Genshagen Foundation. It’s sponsored by the Regional Government of Brandenburg. Since 2015 the project Europe-Mobile is co-financed by the F.C.Flick Stiftung. It has been organised in Germany and France since 2009, and in Poland since 2012.

The goal is to get young people interested in Europe and to enable them to experience European integration first hand. This way, the participants get to know their neighboring countries better. Not only is their commitment to Europe enhanced, they also show more enthusiasm for the European idea, bringing Europe even closer together.


Every year, an international team of students from different countries is formed and trained during a week of preparatory seminars. The students then spend two weeks setting up workshops on European issues, visiting one school a day. At the same time, parties and associations active at European level inform the pupils about how they can be mobile in Europe. Shortly after this measure, a photo exhibition of the project is presented in the participating schools.


Call for applications: We are looking for our new team for Europe-Mobile!

In 2018, from September 04 to September 29, Europe-Mobile returns once again to the federal state of Brandenburg in Germany. Students of European studies, Political, Social or Cultural Sciences as well as Economics or other relevant disciplines from all EU countries can apply until June 17, 2018!

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