The Fifth International Conference in Public Administration




21-22 October 2021


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The Fifth International Conference organized by the Department of Public Administration of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ” will be held on October 21-22, 2021. Its form would be hybrid – both physical presence as well as online.
The conference is dedicated to the challenges of the pandemic crisis management of the public sphere at all levels.
The COVID-19 pandemic, by far not the deadliest in the last 100 years, has turned out to have a more negative impact on the economies of all parts of the planet than the Great Depression. Surprisingly, the leading countries in the Global Health Security Index (GHSI) recorded both more deaths and a deeper economic downturn than the lower ranked countries included in this Index. It became clear that the important connections between public wealth and the quality of health systems, the impact of pandemic and age of the population, social security and mortality, access to internet and public insecurity - do not give a clear interpretation of what happened and no guide to public policy actors on how to act in the future.
The organizers invite colleagues from Bulgaria and abroad to register for participation by October 10 by sending their topics and brief annotations on any of the crisis-related issues of “What's Next” for public administration internationally and globally.
The invitation is addressed to professors and researchers from various scientific fields related to the study of management problems in the conditions of Kovid - administrative sciences, economics, philosophy, political science, legal studies, psychology, sociology, European studies, culturology, history and others.
The invitation is also addressed to leaders in both the public and private spheres, whose activities meet with these issues on a daily basis.
The reports of those participating will be published in print in a separate scientific collection. Admission of all reports to the publication will be done through peer review.
The working languages ​​of the conference are Bulgarian and English.
No conference fee is required.
The conference is a two day on 21 October and 22 October 2021.
A detailed program will be sent to the participants after papers are selected.
Information about the conference:
Applications are accepted at