MA General Psychology Professional Qualifications

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Professional Field


Form of instruction

Part-time and distance learning; final exams in all courses are held in person in computer halls on the premises of Sofia University.

Duration of instruction

Three semesters

Psychology provides a broad, liberal arts background. The graduates of the MA program in General Psychology at the University of Sofia have a blend of interpersonal, verbal, and quantitative skills. They share a scientific curiosity about the reasons people behave in the way they do and have the thorough background in psychological theory and methodology which enables them to observe and do research into human thought, behavior and motivation.

The graduates of the MA program in General Psychology have a host of marketable skills which make them ideal candidates for various positions:

  • Ability to identify, interpret, understand and communicate to others key social, ethical and personal issues relevant to individuals, groups and society
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Thorough understanding of professional ethics and standards
  • Knowledge of human development and behavior
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to observe, analyze, and interpret information
  • Ability to compile and organize facts and data and to comprehend and apply new and/or unfamiliar information to different situations and settings
  • Critical thinking
  • Insight to work effectively with people
  • The ability to set priorities, meet deadlines and effectively manage time, data and resources
  • The ability to gather relevant information, anticipate needs and make appropriate recommendations
  • An understanding of how to successfully identify, plan and contribute to the goals of a project
  • Understanding of human nature
  • Skills in organizing and leading groups and the ability to facilitate change and understanding
  • Skills to assess events and beliefs and develop responses/strategies to manage situations

The graduates of the MA program in General Psychology at the University of Sofia are well-equipped to work in a variety of research and applied settings in areas related to psychology since a master's degree in psychology, with experience in understanding and conducting psychological research, is valued in many different employment settings. They can enter a wide variety of careers in education, human services, medicine, social work, various state agencies, law enforcement, science writing, sales, insurance, human relations, public relations, marketing, social research, advertising, management, arbitration, lobbying, recreation, and business in general. The students have gained the psychological knowledge that fills the gaps in their basic training and will be prepared for advanced graduate studies (Ph.D.). With additional graduate training the graduates of the MA program in General Psychology can prepare themselves for work in the field of counseling professions.