Nurturing aptitude and ongoing growth, our faculty provides students and PhD candidates with essential competencies to navigate the evolving workforce dynamics by harnessing their unique capabilities. By cultivating ingenious, broad-minded, and imaginative individuals, we aims to serve as the impetus for individual and professional advancement.

Bachelor's Programmes

The Faculty of Philosophy offers education in ten bachelor’s programmes in the following professional fields: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, anthropology and cultural sciences, Political Sciences; Administration and Management and Public Communications and Information Sciences.

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Master's Programmes

The Faculty of Philosophy offers a wide range of Master’s degree programmes (after completed higher education, or at least BA / BSc degree)

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PhD Programmes

The Doctoral programmes in higher educational institutions and scientific organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria can be full-time, part-time, and unsupervised on an individual plan. The successful applicants must have completed a Master’s Degree. Education in the Doctoral Degree Programmes is organized according to subject areas.

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